Daybreak Health is building the leading digital mental health system for youth. Our mission is to create a world where every young person benefits from mental health support. Our mental health system removes all barriers to effective care for young people: we create easy access through referral partners, deliver effective care through evidence-based online therapy that is integrated with technology, and bring consumer cost to zero through our funding partnerships with government agencies and health insurance.

We're backed by the best investors in Silicon Valley, including YCombinator, Maven Ventures, and our Series A backer (announcement coming soon). We’re a rocketship, with our revenue growing more than 4x between in the 2nd half of 2021, and more acceleration in sight. We’re hiring for critical roles now to have an even bigger 2022 and expand nationally.

As a team, we are all aligned with our North Star mission. We collaborate and execute incredibly well by doing more with less (we value efficiency and output over hours worked!) and we communicate clearly using writing (vs. unnecessary meetings). We are fully remote with team members across the country, and will stay that way. We value mental health: the willingness to be vulnerable is a requirement to join Daybreak. Last but not least, we value fun and hold regular virtual and in-person activities.